Pastor Red Stevens and Frans Bosman discuss organ pipe restoration project at St. Paul's Episcopal Church located in The Dalles, OR.

Frans Revoices Organ Pipes Following Church Explosion in Pocatello, Idaho

March 23, 2017, the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Pocatello, Idaho suffered an explosion in the boiler room in which two of its church members were life-flighted to a hospital in Utah.

According to the Idaho State Journal who first reported on the story, "The church itself suffered significant damage. Several doors were blown off their hinges or shredded by the blast. Ceiling light fixtures were knocked to the floor, leaving broken glass in several rooms. click to read whole article

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  • "I have had the honor of playing several of Mr. Bosman’s instruments. The organs are clear and clean, excellent for the music of the Baroque, but full bodied enough for the Romantic repertoire as well. His instruments are works of art. Each stop is beautifully attended to; each note is crafted to a fine degree. The ensemble is thrilling as well; each stop contributing exactly as it should. These traits describe all his instruments, though none of them sound exactly like the others. All are beautifully crafted creations, full of color, and well suited to the room they were designed for."

    David Di Fiore, Organist
  • "Frans is a master at voicing. Professional organists, in fact, have expressed surprised when they learn that most of the pipes are not original to the instrument but are instead carefully selected acquisitions from historical organs, revoices to meet the acoustical requirements of our particular church. Each stop has its own individual character and the the ensemble blends well. The organ leads and supports congregational  singing without overpowering and performs beautifully as a solo instrument. Voicing and toning have been remarkably stable, a concern in our Northwest climate."

    William A. Palendini, Organist
  • "Frans Bosman’s restoration work has resulted in an instrument considerably improved over the original, both in terms of the mechanism and the artistic character of the instrument. What I have seen of his organs during construction can only be described as being made of the finest materials, of thoughtful traditional design, and with painstaking attention to detail in the manner of the great European builders whose work is still heard and admired today, often after 300+ years of use.."

    Delbert Saman, Organist

Read Frans Revoices Organ Pipes Following Church Explosion in Pocatello, Idaho
March 23, 2017, the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Pocatello, Idaho suffered an exp...

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